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Going beyond the limits of PowerShell, REST, CSOM & Office SDK to provision OD4B sites?


Sometimes, despites of all the available APIs, you find yourself stuck on making very basic things. For instance, I recently had to study the feasibility of automating the creation of OneDrive for business sites with some requirements.

God is dead, SharePoint is dying


Fifty years ago, Friedrich Nietzsche prononced this famous statement, I doubt he would have something to say about SharePoint if he was still alive but I like the formula! Many customers and folks wonder about the future of SharePoint and especially, the on-premises version and I must admit that there are good reasons to be worried.

Has user privacy become a myth?


Today, I'm not going to talk about deep technical things but rather about high level considerations regarding HTML5, the browser, the Cloud and their impact on user privacy. I recently had to study that and I thought it would be interesting to share it meanwhile on my blog.
It's available here in PDF format

Happy Reading!

Office 365 Video Portal goods and bads


The recent addition of the video portal to SharePoint Online comes with some goods::

  • First of all, it responds to a common need for organizations that ensure communication more and more via videos.
  • It is using Windows Azure Media Services to ensure video encoding and to deliver smooth streaming and this for no additional cost

SharePoint 2013 on-premises / Azure Media Services / CORS / HTML 5 combination to deal with videos in SharePoint


I've recently been involved in a POC for a on-premise SharePoint 2013 installation where the customer wanted to make videos available in SharePoint but wanted them to be stored in Azure for storage/scalability reasons.

Although there are some third parties solutions available on the market and although Microsoft will certainly come soon with the Next Generation Video Portal solution for Office 365, let me share with you a high level design of the solution I've implemented.

SharePoint & IBM Connections better together?


In my previous posts on IBM Connections vs SharePoint which you can find here SharePoint 2013 vs IBM Connections 4.5 Social Capabilities - Comparison from the field and here SharePoint 2013 vs IBM Connections 4.5 - Metadata, Office Integration + Mobile support - Comparison from the field, I tried to shed some light on the pros & cons of each platform regarding Social Business & Document Management.
If you read those posts, you might think that I privilege SharePoint over IBM Connections, certainly as a SharePoint MVP. However, it was not the intention, I really tried to make an objective comparison but that kind of exercise is never easy.
The purpose of those posts was to bring some clarity on both products out of a real world experience. I often read here and there *marketing* messages looking like a boxing match between IBM & Microsoft. I must say that IBM is often the first one to bite., maybe because they are in the skin of the challenger in this matter..:? SharePoint is a well known heavy weight for years now...

SharePoint 2013 vs IBM Connections 4.5 - Metadata, Office Integration + Mobile support - Comparison from the field


I've already published one blog post about a broader comparison between these products. You can read it here:

It caused some IBM people to react and that's great since this is what I expected. They have pinpointed some items I missed (on purpose for some of them).

Extending SharePoint 2013's REST _api endpoints - handling ComplexType input parameters with POST


If you haven't read my adventures with the extension of the REST API endpoints, you can go read my two previous blog posts on the topic &

Extending SharePoint 2013's REST _api endpoints - write operations with POST


If you haven't read my previous post on this topic, please go read it since I'm only going to focus on the write operations here. As you know, in REST, whenever you want to create a resource, you should use the HTTP POST verb.
In my previous post, I explained how to handle ComplexTypes and Collections with HTTP GET using your own _api endpoints in SharePoint 2013. These operations were all READ operations based on HTTP GET.

To declare a method that can only be called by HTTP POST, you need to implement the following methodinformation:

Extending SharePoint 2013's REST _api endpoints with Complex Types & Collections


First, I'd like to thank Chris Givens (@givenscj) and Steve Curran (@spsteve) for their help on this topic. Chris has recently published an excellent blog post on this topic and a sample solution