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Leveraging oData using the built-in SharePoint 2010 data factory


I've just recorded a video on the above topic


You can download the source code here

If you want to watch the French version, you can watch it on MSDN:


Update:if you have troubles watching the video on channel9 (see comments below), you can read it from my own site http://www.silver-it.com/default/files/videos/oDataen.wmv

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This video is broken

I viewed this video from the web site and downloaded it locally. From a certain point in the video, it skips to the end, so I'm unable to view the whole thing.

Also...where can I get the source for this?

Broken video & source code


You're right, I provided that video to Microsoft and indeed, when downloading it from chanel9, it's broken. You can read it from my own site:


I've double-checked and it's working fine with that version. I'll inform Microsoft but meanwhile, you've got an alternative. Thanks for having informed me!

For the source code, it's indicated in my post :).

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