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Localizing XSL with the Business Data and the Content Query Webparts


Recently, one of my colleagues asked me a question about how to localize XSLT files in SharePoint when there are in use with the Business Data List Webpart. He already tried to use the techniques mentioned here:


and here:


but didn't succeed. I was a bit curious about that issue and tried to apply those techniques myself. I should add that I've already used the above techniques in other components such as custom field types etc...and it worked fine but in the context of a Business WebPart (data list, details etc..), the Rows/.... approach does not work.

The parameterbinding approach works but is not available from the UI, meaning that you have to use either SharePoint Designer either a programmatic approach to modify this webpart property.

The SharePoint Designer approach has a major drawback since it makes your page customized which can significantly reduce performance in case of heavy traffic. The programmatic approach however keeps your page uncustomized but you need to develop the code :).

That's why I decided to write a small tool that helps modifying the following properties of the Business Data webparts and the Content By Query WebPart:

  • XSL
  • XslLink
  • ParameterBindings

Here are a few screenshots showing the functionality:

When editing a wiki or a publishing page, you can click on the following button :

which launches the following window :

Where you are presented the properties which you can modify easily and click on the button next to each webpart. That way, you can perform everything from the UI.

The source code & the solution can be found on my general project http://sptoolbasket2010.codeplex.com/. The application is called XSLT Helper

Happy Coding!