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SharePoint 2013 on-premises / Azure Media Services / CORS / HTML 5 combination to deal with videos in SharePoint

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what is the alternative of Azure Media service

If I want to store the video on premise what is the alternative for Azure media service?


Azure Media Services is only for online, so it's not an alternative for on-prem. If you need to do everything on-prem, you'd better check for enterprise video encoding solution since the encoding piece is the most consuming beast. I have none to recommend in particular. For one of my customer, we used the Newsgator encoding because it was integrated to SharePoint but was not meant to be an real enterprise video solution.

Technical document for sharepoint integration with Azure media S

Hi Stephen,

Is there any technical document that you can share to interate sharepoint with AMS. I have a POC and need help on this.



I don't really have a document I can share since it's the property of the customer I wrote the POC for. However, what I can tell you is that you have to:

  • work with the WAMS SDK
  • Think of the READ and WRITE policies you will be using. WAMS works with Shared Access Signature (SAS) that are valid for a certain duration. Whenever a SAS expires, you must get a fresh one. So the idea here is to find the right balance so that you don't always have to get a new SAS. Moreover, you can't have more than 5 concurrent locators for a same resource. Since I wrote this blog post, WAMS has now a concept of long lived locators that you should clearly have a look at.
  • For the SharePoint part, I got inspiration from Richard Dizerega's blog where he uses the regular Asset Library and create a special kind of list item.
  • For the upload part, I used JavaScript and I created CORS policies in Azure to accept requests from my domain