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Azure AD App Creation, mind the new portal!

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Hi Stephane, you might want

Hi Stephane,

you might want to checkout this episode of the Microsoft Cloud Show: http://www.microsoftcloudshow.com/podcast/Episodes/148-azuread-with-vitt.... Vittorio Bertocci is talking about the new consent-model in Azure AD wich changes from app-centric to user-centric.


When a user gives consent to an app, he doesn't need to consent the app again, even if the same app is consumed in another tenant. This would align with your observations.



Thanks for your comment and that's indeed a possible explanation but it'd be great if Microsoft could shed some light on that. Because MSAL has its own portal to register apps and its own libraries. To me, the Azure AD part from the new portal should have the same behavior as the old portal or the old portal should be adapted. In any case, having this discrepancy between both portals is quite unexpected IMHO.

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