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Building the nextgen SharePoint search through a BOT and LUIS?


I’ve recently worked on creating a BOT with the Microsoft Bot framework that handles queries from end users expressed in natural language. The BOT leverages #LUIS, Microsoft’s NLP engine, in order to extract entities and semantics our of the queries. At the time of writing, both LUIS and the Microsoft Bot framework are still in preview but they let us envision great possibiliities.

The SharePoint search engine is very powerful as it is fast and highly tunnable. However, most of the times, users simply use it as they use Google or Bing. They don’t know the name of the managed properties we created nor even the out of the box keyword query elements such as isDocument:1, etc.

So, what about creating a Document Finder BOT that’d be a front-end component to SharePoint (and potentially other systems) and that would generate accurate SharePoint queries, based on the user input expressed in natural language? What about mapping LUIS entities to SharePoint managed properties? To give you a very basic example, the following sentences:

I’m looking for the OneDrive FAQ
Where is the OneDrive FAQ?
I’m looking for a SharePoint manual
I want to get the SharePoint manual

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