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Microsoft BOT framework, transparent authentication with the webchat control


In this post, I will explain how you can transparently authenticate end users to a BOT whose the backend is hosted in Azure.

I’m only covering the webchat channel and more particularly the webchat control that is available out of the box when enabling the web chat channel in the BOT configuration page. As this sample leverages various building blocs, I assume that you already know ADAL and the Microsoft BOT framework.

At the time of writing this blog post, the framework is still in preview so things are subject to change in the future.

A good reading regarding BOT authentication is the following article written by Tsuyoshi Matsuzaki. In that article, Tsuyoshi explains how to leverage the built-in login UI plus two other techniques. What he explains is perfectly suitable in some situations and for all the channels but always requires a manual intervention from the end user. In my particular scenario, I want to make use of the webchat control inside of an organization, so the BOT isn’t meant to be consumed worldwide. I can control the population that will access it so I can deal with the scalability aspects.

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