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Have a #Bing / #Google like search experience in #SPO using Azure Cognitive Services


Microsoft recently made Azure Cognitive Services available (in preview at the time of writing). This new set of APIs is built on top of Azure’s API Management building block and points to well known APIs (Machine Learning, Bing…) that Microsoft was offering for a while but in different flavors. Thanks to Azure Cognitive Services, we now have a single way of consuming these APIs which makes our life better!

The Bing AutoSuggest API can be very handy to improve any search experience. In SharePoint Online, one can use Query Suggestions but they are defined at tenant level and they need to be imported upfront. This is not that user friendly. So, what if you could simply have a Bing/Google like experience that is suggesting queries as you type? That’s what we’ll do very easily in this post.
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