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Forms Designer migrated to SharePoint 2010

Forms Designer

Hi All,

I've just migrated the forms designer functionality to SharePoint 2010. While forms can now be easily modified with InfoPath & SharePoint Designer, this feature still can be useful in some situations. You can download it & read about it at the following URL :



FormsDesigner - RibbonDisabled

Hi Stephane,

greate Tool! Thx for sharing. btw. i have some issues on some SP Installation where the SiteOwner can't use the Ribbon Button.

do u have a hind for me how i can fix this?

Regards Lars

More info

Hi Lars,

The button is available under the following conditions:

- The user has at least the "Manage List" permission
- The target list has at least one of the modifiable content types.

If one of this conditions is not respected, the button is greyed-out.

Best Regards