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I'll be presenting a session for the BIWUG next tuesday on SPLINQ and CAML. You can download the windows application I'll be demonstrating.

Here is a screenshot of the application

A few lists with operations you can perform such as querying, joining, updating, handling conflicts (multi-threaded demo). The left part shows you the CAML produced by SPLINQ while the central part outputs the query results.

Once downloaded, you can perform the following steps:

- Extract the archive
- Upload the .wsp file in the user solution gallery of a given site collection
- Activate the new solution
- Create a new web site based on the template deployed by the .wsp file
- Start the windows app and specify the URL of your new site

You can play with the little application and start discovering SPLINQ. Additionally, you can also download the PowerPoint presentation.

Have fun!