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Checking the current user permissions on a list object via the Client Object Model


In regular server-side SharePoint coding, when we want to check whether the current user has specific permissions on a list, we can use the method SPList.DoesUserHavePermissions(). This method isn't available from the Client Object Model but you can easily create your own this way:

You can use a similar technique with the Silverlight Client OM but you'll be forced to check asynchroneously!

Happy coding!

class Program
static ClientContext Ctx = null;

static void Main(string[] args)
Ctx = new ClientContext("http://intranet/sites/clients");
if (DoesUserHavePermissions("Clients", PermissionKind.AddListItems))
//User is a list contributor


static bool DoesUserHavePermissions(string listname, PermissionKind permmask)
List TargetList = Ctx.Web.Lists.GetByTitle(listname);
return TargetList.EffectiveBasePermissions.Has(permmask);