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10 steps to make use of the Rating System for SharePoint Foundation


It took me a while before I could find time to record these few mute videos demonstrating how you can use and install the rating system for SharePoint Foundation available on CodePlex at http://sptoolbasket2010.codeplex.com/

Videos in WMV format
Video Size Duration
Install the solution 1.9 MB 42 sec
Activate the site collection feature 1.7 MB 30 sec.
Using rating functionality with list & libraries 8.3 MB 2 min 42 sec.
Using rating functionality with discussion boards 3.6 MB 110 sec.
Using rating functionality with pages 3.9 MB 2 min 30 sec.
Creating a rating team site & site collection 3.7 MB 1 min 42 sec.
Using rating functionality within a blog 4 MB 2 min sec.
Viewing rating reports 3.4 MB 1 min 10 sec.
Working with comment approval 8.2 MB 4 min.
Handling the anonymous 3.2 MB 1 min 35 sec.

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Show in search results page

I am trying to find a way to create a search results page which will show the Vote Results column as part of the metadata show for the items. This way if a user searches they can see without having to go to the parent library of the item what the rating is. I am using the 2010 version in Foundation 2013. Is there any way to do this?

Search Results


SharePoint Foundation' search is rather rudimentary. I had done exactly what you wanted with the 2007 server version (where no rating was available). You could see the rating in the search results and even search on that (the top rated etc...).

In server, it would have been easy, just looking for the automatically created managed property for the vote results site column and build a result source+type (or only type) and done!

Best Regards

Geting the WebPart


I would like to install the Webpart in our SharePoint 2010 but I don't know where it is available.


View comments in DispForm.aspx

First of all, great sollution!
Very easy to use. Thank you.

Is it possible to show the comments in DispForm.aspx without clicking a button (the View Comments column)?

Rating in dispform


It's possible but not out of the box so you'll have to develop it yourself. I understand that you're in SharePoint 2010. If you want to get the rating information in ALL dispforms of the entire farm, you should consider adding a new control to the default DefaultTemplates.ascx and make sure you handle rendering of the rating field properly.

Best Regards


Thanks! I'll give it a try.

Annonymous Rating comment approval

Hello great code. Everything is working great except when anonymous posts a comment for approval. Before it gets approved on the view comments panel I get an error Object reference not set to an instance of an object. If I go in an approve the comment then everything is back to normal. Any idea where I should look to correct this error?


Hello, This was indeed a bug


This was indeed a bug which I fixed in the 2013 version. I should re-upload the 2010 one. It's a missing condition in a routine. I'll think of reuploading hte 2010 version to fix that bug. It only happens with anonymous access enabled & when the user is indeed not authenticated for unapproved comments.

Stay tunned!

Best Regards


Hi it's working great but prompts for a login for public access. How do I make it accessible for annonymous?



If you're prompted it's most probably due to something else in your setup. The rating system does not try to access anything that's not available to anonymous users providing you have enabled it correctly.

Best Regards

Nice Solution

Hi Stephane,

Thanks for the solution. I deployed it on the sharepoint farm and working good. I'm having the below concern, please help.

Can't we hide the rating provided by User1, so that User2 don't see the rating/comments?

Thank You!

Hiding Rating


At the time of writing, once the rating/comment has been approved, it is visible to everyone but I could indeed add an option. Keep following this post I'll let you know if I make a change

Best Regards

Great work but cannot install it for tests :(

Hi Stephane !

Cheers for the good work and supporting us.

I was not able Activaing your solution :

This solution contains invalid markup or elements that cannot be deployed as part of a sandboxed solution. Solution manifest for solution 'cad8c144-5585-4995-99bd-922521ecc120' failed validation, file manifest.xml, line 10, character 4: The element 'Solution' in namespace 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/' has invalid child element 'ApplicationResourceFiles' in namespace 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/'. List of possible elements expected: 'FeatureManifests, ActivationDependencies' in namespace 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/'.

Many thanks for your support.

Not a SandBoxed solution

Hello Gab,

Thanks for your comment. However, the error you have is normal since this is not a SandBoxed solution, it's a farm one. This must be deployed by an administrator...

I can't convert it to a SandBoxed since it contains artefacts that must be deployed on the servers. Sorry for that :).

Best Regards

Display ratings in a web part?

Looks great so far! Is there a way to display the top-rated items in a list (in our case, a blog) inside a web part on a SharePoint page?

Top Rated Items


You an use the Top Rated items webpart...

Best Regards

Rating System For Picture Library

How can rating System be used in picture library.I am unable to rate pictures in picture library.

Hi, You have to use the


You have to use the Rating Picture content type.

Best Regards

Hide/Remove Names: Rating System

Hi Stephane,

We're looking for a way to allow teams to rate and comment on list items (in particular, job applicants), without seeing others' comments (so that their ratings don't influence others opinions). I like the idea of this solution in rating and commenting directly on the list item (without having to go to a separate survey site), however our site requires authentication so users can't use the site anonymously. This makes it difficult to hide users' identities when rating/commenting. Any ideas?


Hi Chris, That is indeed not

Hi Chris,

That is indeed not planned currently in the system. It could be done but you need to amend the code. I might update the solution so that you could have a kind of anonymous mode even for authenticated users, at least when viewing comments.

Are you using the version for 2010?

Best Regards

Thank you very much for your reply!

Yes, we are using the 2010 solution.

An anonymous mode, at least for viewing would be an interesting solution, I'm sure that would be an appreciated feature. Would it be something the manager could toggle?
If there was even a way to hide or omit the submitter information, that would be very useful. For instance, the survey list simply puts *** in the "Created by" column for responses.


Yes that would be the idea,

Yes that would be the idea, behaving like the survey...I'll try to implement it. Keep following the project

Best Regards

Customizing xslt, without visual results


i need little help

Everyting is working great now ( after a server restart ), but only in default views.
I'm trying to customize a page adding a list items , and also i tried to add RateVotes , somewhere in the page/
First i tried to do this using DataFormWebPart, and customize it. WHen i tried to add Vote Result, only result was text, like : (2) - 1 rating(s)

I tried also to customize XLSTListViewWebPart stylesheet, but i'm a beginner in this customizations, and the result was the same, only text results of votes

Please help me how to use and insert in a page visual RateVotes, not only like text




I'm not sure to understand completely what you're trying to do but if you need to customize XSLT, you can look for the file named FLDTYPES_HighLight.xsl and look at how I implemented the XSLT.

This file is probably not loaded in the context you're trying to use the field. Note that if you're trying to add rating to a page, you might consider to use the rating webpart.

Best Regards

error when adding 'Vote Results" in a view


i installed and deployed it to site collection without any errors
But when i try to add "Vote Results" field in a view i receive this error message

The "XsltListViewWebPart" Web Part appears to be causing a problem. Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture. Make sure "Resources.RatingResources.resources" was correctly embedded or linked into assembly "App_GlobalResources.57xtvssc" at compile time, or that all the satellite assemblies required are loadable and fully signed.

Need help. Thanks in advance
Best regards

Resource File

Hi Romeo,

There is indeed a rating resource file to be deployed into the SharePoint app's App_GlobalResources. This resource file should be deployed by the SharePoint Solution.

Look at the status of your solution in the solution store to see if it was deployed correctly and to which web app(s).

Best Regards

This looks promising

I think this still has some potential usage in 2010. I believe the built-in rating system in 2010 requires the use of My Site which we don't plan to enable.

Usage in 2010


I specifically developed it to cover the lach in SharePoint Foundation. The built-in system in SharePoint Server integrates with social features and is therefore the recommended approach. Although my system is also working with SharePoint Server, I would recommend using the native one unless you really have specific reasons not to do so.

Enabling mysites, meaning personal sites is not required but if you really have such a requirement, I'd recommend you to have a look at my DropBox system which tends to offer a kind of light alternative to the personal sites but this has nothing to see with rating :).

Best Regards

Duplicate field name

When I try to activate the blog rate it says there is a duplicate field name, with the following GUID:{B09C56CD-E2A8-4cc9-940C-2B5DE0CFE3CB}

Hi, You're the first to


You're the first to report this problem and I can't reproduce it on my side. Probably something went wrong while uninstalling a previous version?

The guid you mentioned in your message is indeed the GUID of a hidden rating field...but I don't know how come you ended-up with that error message.

Best Regards

Duplicate Columns

When I try to activate the blog rating feature in one site there is message saying: "there is a duplicate field name". How can I solve this?

Rate my own content types

Is there any way to enable ratings/comments on my existing content types? I've already got a bunch of content types specific to my company and want people to be able to comment on them. So using a single document rating content type isn't ideal.



Content types

Hi Geof,

What you could do is to make your business content type derive from one of the rating content types. Afterwards you could use the datasheet view to make a massive content type update. Then, your items will be come ratable.

Otherwise, an alternative would be that you amend the source code in order to fit best your own requirements.

Best Regards

any known issue when upgrading from moss 2007 to sp 2010

Hi Stephane,

we are planning to install this document rating solution for our MOSS 2007 existing farm . however we are worried about how this solution would work if we upgraded to sp 2010 ( not MSF 2010 ) because sp 2010 also gives a similar rating feature. I would request you to brief a bit for these queries and any known issue at the time of upgrade from moss 2007 to sp 2010.

the user manual for sp 2010 highlights SharePoint Foundation ..

a few lined from the user manual..

" Additionally, if you wish to migrate an existing SharePoint 2007 WSS site which has rating features enabled, that will still work with SharePoint Foundation since the features are similar (GUID etc…)."

Thank you,
Ashok Yadala


Hi Ashok,

If you already have plans for migration. I'd rather advise you to wait until you implement SharePoint Server 2010 since the native implementation in 2010 is integrated with social computing.

My rating solution was really meant for MOSS 2007. I migrated it for SharePoint Foundation because there is no rating in SharePoint Foundation but I didn't envision migration from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010 because it's better to use the built-in rating.

That said, the rating solution would still work but my 2010 version is much lighter (not integrated with search, no workflow, no information management policy etc...) so if you're using this in 2007, you'll have to migrate the solutions yourself to 2010. If you have a basic usage such as just rating documents & pages, this will still work.

I would also encourage you to POC that.

Best Regards

i couldn't see the rating system after deploy & active feature

After install and active the feature follow your video, i couldn't see the rating system in content type as your demo.

Is it ok now?


You should see it...are you sure you did activate the site collection feature?

Best Regards

Rating on a document library


Thanks for the a great rating system! I am using with SharePoint 2010, as I really needed the 'view comments' column, which doesn't appear with the OOTB version. One issue though: while comments and vote results look fine on the document library allitems.aspx page, if I use the document library as a webpart on another page, the rating looks fine, but the comments show html code. Any idea how to fix?



Hi David, I'm not able to

Hi David,

I'm not able to reproduce your problem. Did you download the last version? Do you have this behavior with every document library?

At last, did you perform specific changes via SharePoint Designer?

Best Regards

Same issue

We are having this same issue, is there a fix for it? We definitely have the latest version and did not make any changes in SP Designer. Also, we see this with all libraries/lists used as webparts. Any thoughts?