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Dashboard helper for the SharePoint developer dashboard


I've just released on CodePlex a very small tool that helps identifying faster consuming operations with the SharePoint developer Dashboard.

This solution is intended to be used by developers/admins only. Here are a few screenshots showing the functionality:

When you have activated the site collection feature and when the SharePoint developer Dashboard has been enabled, you should have an extra window:

with a textbox and a few icons. If you input a value in the textbox, the tool will highlight all the operations that exceed this treeshold:

So you can quickly identify long operations. If you want to specify a given treeshold as default limit, you can make use of the icons to store/clear your settings. The tool also adds some useful information when possible:

The commands available are:

- Specify a given treeshold in ms
- Create a cookie that stores your treeshold so that whenever the dashboard is loaded on a page, the helper will highlight automatically entries that exceed the given treeshold
- Remove the cookie to clear your settings
- Expand/Collapse the left panel (sometimes it is very wide)
- Perform a scan for potential issues (web services calls, SPWeb enumeration...)
- Provide a copy to clipboard feature that copies all the highlighted entries to help forwarding the information by mail or add to a report.

The tool is available on my CodePlex project http://sptoolbasket2010.codeplex.com/ and is called DashBoard Helper.

Happy Coding!