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Releasing DropBox for SharePoint Server 2010


I've just released a new application called DropBox for SharePoint on CodePlex.

Click here to download a video demonstrating the DropBox.

Click here to read the manual.

What DropBox for SharePoint is :

- An easy & user friendly way to give your intranet users a place to associate documents to their profile...

- An easy way to provide a light alternative to personal sites which require most of the times, a good governance plan while the DropBox requires almost no governance

- A personal storage location a user can use to share documents with their network (everyone, colleagues, team...)

- An application that communicates to your network via the SharePoint News Feeds

- An application that ships with PowerShell commands administrators can use to manage storage, quotas and forbidden file extensions

- An application that's fully integrated with the "My" SharePoint 2010 logic

What DropBox for SharePoint is NOT:

- A solution to workaround the storage problems incurred by personal sites. Storage can even become a bigger problem when using the DropBox. The more users you have, the smaller personal quota you'll chose.

- A personal collaboration site...For collaboration, ask your users to use team sites or any other site created for that explicit purpose

Here are a few screenshots showing the DropBox feature :

When a user visits his own DropBox, he can start uploading files via drag & drop and decide to share them with his colleagues, team etc...:

Decide to Share with your colleagues or with everyone :

Upload via drag & Drop + DropBox status (usage etc...)

When a user shares a document with his colleagues, an activity feed is generated and all the colleagues are warned about that new publication :

When clicked from a new feed, the DropBox highlights the published document :

Happy Coding!


New Product Similar to yours

I just came across your product and think this is a great start to something nice.

Our company has created a product similar to yours, we call it ShareWith, which allows a personal inbox for every user with secure permissions to each document. This solution also works on Sharepoint foudation.

I would love to get any feedback on how we can improve this product.

Check out our product page for more details.


Thanks so much!
Haiyan Khan

access via ios or Android?

This solution looks really nice. One of my problem is that I have iOS and Android users that would need to access this internal dropbox. They need to read and and post documents via this solution. Can this be done with current version? if not, can we look at working together to enable?

visiting device


Whatever device you are using, it must support Silverlight. This is a clear limitation of the solution.

Best Regards

System requirements

Excellent tool!

Is really no client installation required? No Office? Just the Silverlight plugIn?

Only plugin


Indeed, you only need the plugin with version >= 4. You don't need anything else. I'll also make a new version of the Dropbox with out of browser support with an offline mode. I should release it soon.

Best Regards

Sharepoint Foundation 2010


can i use DropBox with Sharepoint Foundation 2010?


DropBox with SharePoint Foundation


No, DropBox is integrated to SharePoint Server Social features...This could be easily modified to be usable in SharePoint Foundation however it'd loose its interest in that case.

Best Regards

Very NIce

Is it specific to Sharepoint 2010? We're still using MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0.


SP 2010


Thanks! Yes, it's specific for 2010 since it makes use of the Client Object Model. You could do something similar for 2007 but that would be a bit more work :).

Best Regards


Very nice feature!
Daniel Ferreira.


Hi Daniel,


See you!

Was just talking with someone about doing this

But you've gone and done it. Will have a look for sure

Steven Fowler
twitter: @stevenmfowler


Hi Steven,

It's a first release and might evolve in the coming month(s). Don't hesitate to give me your feedback positive or negative on that!

Happy Coding!

Hosted Sharepoint

I am really excited to stumble across this product. I am wandering if there is anyway to get this working without using stsadm. I have hosted sharepoint 2010 and I have called around to multiple vendors. None of them will allow the use of stsadm by the customer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hosted SharePoint


Indeed, to install the DropBox, you need a console access since it's a farm solution and not a sandbox solution. Unfortunately, there is no way to convert it to a SandBoxed solution because it is using some impersonation with the user profile API so I can't help you on that.

Best Regards

Sharepoint Foundation 2010

Can i use DropBox with Sharepoit Foundation 2010?


DropBox with SharePoint Foundation


No, DropBox is integrated to SharePoint Server Social features...This could be easily modified to be usable in SharePoint Foundation however it'd loose its interest in that case.

Best Regards