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Office 365 & SharePoint Online - Control sharing with External Users, uggly but effective workaround


At the time of writing, Office 365 is a great solution that is ready to use and usually a perfect platform for small to mid-sized enterprises having not too many constraints regarding data confidentiality, data sharing etc..For larger enterprises or "sector senstiive" (bank, pharma...), things can be a little more challenging when it comes to collaboration with external partners.
As of now, the only way to collaborate with partners in 365 is to enable external sharing. However, external sharing is often seen as a problem by sensitive companies because:

Azure AD Graph API - AADSTS70001: Application with identifier xxx was not found


If you happen to encounter the error mentioned in the title of this post which is something that bugged me for a while...it might be due to a wrong sequence of actions. As you might know, when creating a custom application that needs to access an Azure Active Directory with the Graph API, you need to grant permissions to the App, in the configuration page of the App or through PowerShell.

God is dead, SharePoint is dying


Fifty years ago, Friedrich Nietzsche prononced this famous statement, I doubt he would have something to say about SharePoint if he was still alive but I like the formula! Many customers and folks wonder about the future of SharePoint and especially, the on-premises version and I must admit that there are good reasons to be worried.