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SharePoint 2013 - Consuming custom WCF services from SharePoint-Hosted Apps in Authenticated Mode


I don't know if you ever tried the following :

  • Create and deploy a custom WCF service inside of SharePoint using one of the built-in factories
  • Consume that WCF service from a SharePoint-Hosted App, ie via JavaScript

but if you did, you probably encountered the following problem:

The endpoint /_vti_bin/yourendpoint is not accessible in the context of a SharePoint App

Content Type Explorer App


I've just released a new SharePoint-Hosted App on CodePlex https://sptoolbasket2013.codeplex.com/releases/view/91909.
Sometimes we need to delete content types but we don't always know where they are used. Because you cannot delete a content type that is still in use, this App helps finding which lists and/or child content types make use of a given content type.

Here are some screenshots:

The App is localized in French & English and will be available soon on the SharePoint Store.

Happy Coding!

Search Engine not working fine in your App?


I know that might sound stupid and it really is but I spent recently a few hours trying to figure out why the Search Engine wasn't working fine when queried from my App.
It turned-out that I forgot to ask the permission to use it. So, I was missing this line in my AppManifest.xml:

While this is very stupid, this little distraction made me realize that the system isn't behaving as expected. Indeed, one could expect that the App Model throws an exception such as "Attempt to perform an unauthorized operation" but it doesn't. It's actually even querying the Search Engine successfully but simply, no results are returned.
It is behaving as if it was applying some kind of security trimming but it's not because the App had full control over the site collection...Morality, just don't forget this line and you should avoid some headaches :).

Happy Coding!

Using CSOM from an App Part


Since I couldn't find any example on the web showing how to use CSOM from an App Part and since it's actually a bit more tricky than using CSOM from the App itself, I thought it could be a good idea to blog about that!

Tip when developping auto-hosted Apps


If like me, you have several Office 365 accounts, you might be annoyed when deploying Apps from Visual Studio if you checked the option "Maintian my connection" when Visual Studio prompts you for credentials.

As soon as you do that, if you switch to another Office 365 instance, Visual Studio keeps sign in you with the previously entered credentials which results in a failure since you are not a member of this new instance and it does not you offer the option to sign in as a different user.